Automation Controls

Deimco's Automation Controls are used to control the conveyance, coating, prepping and curing of products. These Control Systems allow the operator to finely tune and adjust each part of the system to achieve the highest quality finish. Deimco's Automation Control offerings include both Electric and Pneumatic Controls. Fully automated, recipe-driven systems are available.


Electrical Controls

Deimco's Electrical Controls are easily operated via the HMI. As a UL Listed Panel Build Shop customers can be certain their equipment is safe and reliable.​ Deimco fully pre-wires and test operates every system prior to shipment. This ensures the quality of the equipment and minimizes downtime at the customer's facility.

Deimco's Electrical Controls also feature remote trouble shooting. Both the PLC and HMI can be accessed via a simple VPN connection. This allows Deimco's team of engineers to easily access, identify, and update the programs to meet the new customer requirements. 

Pneumatic Controls

Deimco's Pneumatic Controls are easily used and adjusted. With the addition of digitized regulation the Pneumatic Controls can be operated from the Electrical Control panel. This means operation can be as simple as loading and coating! Deimco also pre-plumbs the systems Fluid Handling Equipment and Pneumatic Controls.

Deimco is a proud provider of solutions. From Automation Control Solutions to batch finishing equipment operations, Deimco designs everything with the final customer in mind. If you have a product you need to convey, coat, prep, or cure, we'd love to hear more about it. Give us a call to discuss what Deimco can do for you!

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