Powder Coating Flame Detectors

Deimco's single and dual head Powder Coating Flame Detectors are integrated into booth controls to meet NFPA requirements for automatic powder coating. All required safety interlocks are provided with the Flame Detectors. Advanced IR technology is used to provide reliable operation and prevent false and nuisance alarms.


Each Powder Coating Flame Detector is tested at Deimco prior to shipping. The Flame Detector helps to customers safely achieve a quality finish. Deimco also offers a wide array of Powder Coating Equipment to be integrated with the Powder Coating Flame Detectors.

Deimco is a proud provider of solutions. From Powder Coating Flame Detectors to batch powder coating equipment operations, Deimco designs everything with the final customer in mind. If you have a product you need to convey, coat, prep, or cure, we'd love to hear more about it. Give us a call to discuss what Deimco can do for you!

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