Innovative Equipment

Deimco is proud to offer a wide array of Innovative Equipment Solutions. Each system is designed specifically with the customer's unique needs in mind. As with everything Deimco builds, each piece of equipment will be fully assembled and test operated at Deimco prior to shipment. 

Deimco's Innovative Equipment is used to coat, convey, prep, handle, and cure a myriad of products. These include: ceiling tiles and cement pavers, grenade handles and lead radioactive waste containers, glass jars and synthetic diamonds. Regardless of the application, Deimco is confident they can automate the customer's finishing process.

You provide unique products to your customers, so why settle for a cookie-cutter finishing system? Give us a call. We're focused on giving our customers the custom solutions they really need . . . from the beginning to the "finish".

Wonderware HMI

Automation Controls

Deimco's Automation Controls allow customers to easily control their finishing equipment. As a UL listed panel build shop, customers can be certain their systems are safe, efficient, and built to last. With remote login capabilities, Deimco is able to diagnose, update, and reprogram systems in the click of a button.

Fluid Delivery Solutions

Fluid Handling

Deimco's Fluid Handling Equipment enables customers to consistently achieve high quality finishes on their products. Deimco represent the best brands in pumps designed for industrial coatings applications. The fluid circuit is entirely designed around the customers unique coating requirements.

Automated Powder Coating System

Automatic Gun Movers

Deimco's Automatic Gun Movers are used to automatically coat products of varying sizes and coating requirements. These systems include: Auto-Position Guns, Radial-Y Gun Movers, and Reciprocators. They afford customers the ability to efficiently and repeatably finish their products.

Board Flipper

Material Handling

Deimco's state of the art Material Handling Equipment is used to limit touch points during the coating process, eliminate physically arduous processes, and increase productivity. These systems include: Inline Part Flippers, Vacuum Lifts, Lift Tables, Part Fixtures, and Part Rotators.

Robotic Powder Coating

Robotic Integration

Deimco offers Robotic Integration for numerous applications. From automatic coating to loading and unloading, each is designed specifically for the customer. The ability to pair this automation with an entire finishing system, sets Deimco Finishing Equipment ahead of the pack.

Deimco is a proud provider of Innovative Equipment Solutions. From fully automated lines to batch spray finishing equipment operations, Deimco designs everything with the final customer in mind. If you have a product you need to convey, coat, prep, or cure, we'd love to hear more about it. Give us a call to discuss what Deimco can do for you!