Liquid Finishing Equipment

Deimco is proud to offer a wide array of Liquid Spray Finishing Equipment. Each system is designed specifically with the customer's unique needs in mind. As with everything Deimco builds, each piece of spray finishing equipment will be fully assembled and test operated prior to shipment. 

Deimco's Spray Finishing Equipment is used to coat, convey, and cure a myriad of products. These include: mouldings and millwork, doors and cabinets, glass jars and pipe couplings. Regardless of the application, Deimco is confident they can automate the customer's finishing process.

You provide unique products to your customers, so why settle for a cookie-cutter finishing system? Give us a call. We're focused on giving our customers the custom solutions they really need . . . from the beginning to the "finish".

Automatic Spray Painting Machine for Woo

Lineal Flatlines

Deimco's Lineal Flatline is the perfect choice for finishing long and thin parts. The high capacity system is easily adapted to the customer's product. Automated fluid settings, sanders, wipers, and part flippers can be added. The Lineal Flatline is a staple in Deimco's Spray Finishing Equipment profile.

Reciprocating Flatline

Reciprocating Flatlines

Deimco's Reciprocating Flatline system features a horizontal reciprocator to evenly coat wide products. Varying levels of automation can be added to meet the customer's specifications. Reciprocating Flatlines are the go-to for applying liquid spray to large panel products. 

Pipe Coupling Painting

Chain on Edge Cell

Deimco's Chain on Edge Cell is used in the Liquid Spray Finishing industry to coat and cure a wide range of products. These high capacity, small footprint systems and can keep pace with even the fastest production speeds. These lean finishing machines are perfect for a large number of products.

Door Painting Machine

Overhead Cell

Deimco's Overhead Cell delivers high quality finishes for a large array of hung products. The Overhead Cell leads the Spray Finishing Equipment industry in it's  adaptability and finish quality. These compact, high throughput systems are a wonderful additional to many finishing operations.

Open Face Paint Booth

Liquid Spray Booths

Deimco Liquid Spray Booths are offered in a wide range of configurations. From automated booths to manual booths, each is designed specifically for the customer. The ability to add auto-positioned and triggered guns, reclaim capability, and more, sets Deimco's Liquid Spray Finishing Equipment ahead of the pack.

Walk in Oven

Paint Cure Ovens

Deimco Cure Ovens are offered in Gas, Electric, Ultra Violet, Infrared, and Convection configurations. Proprietary combination cure technology quickly cures coatings in minutes, not hours. Deimco's Curing Oven's can be designed inline with Liquid Spray Finishing Equipment or as batch systems.

Sander for Siding

Sanders and Wipers

Deimco's Sanders and Wipers are ideal for surface prep, driving the coating into the product, and removing excess coating. Varying levels of automation can be added to automatically adjust the machine between profiles. These systems can be used inline with other equipment or operated as standalone machines.

Deimco is a proud provider of solutions. From fully automated lines to batch spray finishing equipment operations, Deimco designs everything with the final customer in mind. If you have a product you need to convey, coat, prep, or cure, we'd love to hear more about it. Give us a call to discuss what Deimco can do for you!