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Liquid Finishing Equipment

Deimco proudly offers application-specific Liquid Finishing Equipment and Liquid Finishing Systems to our customers. These versatile systems are specifically designed around each customer's needs, and can be used to coat and cure water and solvent-based liquid coatings onto a myriad of products. Deimco also offers additional material handling, conveyance, and surface preparation (sanding, wiping, etc.) solutions for integration into our liquid finishing systems.

As an equipment designer and manufacturer, we distinguish ourselves by developing custom solutions to meet the needs of each process. Every facet of the project is handled in-house (mechanical and electrical engineering, manufacturing, programming, testing, re-assembly and startup, tech support) by our experienced team. Our systems contain the newest technologies, are fully pre-assembled and test operated, and are built to last, with many systems seeing serviceable lifetimes of 20+ years.

You provide unique products to your customers, so why settle for a cookie-cutter liquid finishing system? Give us a call. We're focused on giving our customers the custom solutions they really need . . . from the beginning to the "finish".

Painting Automatic Spray Booth.jpg

Lineal Flatlines

Deimco's Lineal Flatline is the perfect solution for finishing lineal products like siding, moulding and millwork, flooring, and other narrow products. From simple automatic gun triggering, to more advanced auto-positioning guns and digitized pneumatic regulation, the system can be customized for each customer's unique requirements. Deimco's inline sanding, stain wiping, and curing solutions are easily integrated.

Reclaim Flatline Spray Booth.JPG

Reciprocating Flatlines

Deimco's Reciprocating Flatline is used to efficiently and beautifully finish products of varying widths and lengths. In addition to doors, cabinets, and other sheet goods, the versatile flatline finishing system can be used for products like ceiling tiles, desk tops, or fastener heads. A horizontal reciprocator strokes the automatic guns across the conveyor to evenly coat products. Additional surface prep, curing, and handling solutions are available for integration.

Helmet Chain on Edge.JPG

Chain on Edge Cell

Deimco's Chain on Edge Cell is a versatile system used to finish a wide range of products. Shingles, couplings, glass jars, helmets, and gun stocks are just a few of the products that can be easily finished with a chain on edge. These nimble systems can keep pace with even the highest production rates. With the ability to coat the product interior or exterior, and up to 360° coatings coverage, these systems are easily customized for any product.

Overhead Paint Line.jpg

Overhead Cell

Deimco's Overhead Cell offers the highest finishing volumes in the smallest footprint for a myriad of hangable products. Interior and exterior doors, cabinet faces, cylinders and tanks, and more can be hung, coated, and cured using a Deimco overhead finishing system. Custom manual and automatic configurations are available to meet even the most complex and demanding applications.

Open Face Paint Booth

Wet Spray Booths

Deimco's Spray Booths are available in most any size or configuration according to the customer's needs. From automatic conveyorized booths to manual batch wet spray booths, each is fully pre-assembled and test operated prior to shipment. Pre-wired UL/CUL listed electrical controls are the standard, not the exception. Suffice to say, each customer can be certain their Deimco spray booth is made to last.

Industrial Curing Oven.jpg

Curing Ovens

Deimco's Curing Ovens are offered in gas, electric, ultra violet, infrared, convection, and combination configurations. Deimco's proprietary combination cure oven combines multiple technologies to quickly cure coatings in minutes, not hours. In addition to batch curing ovens, fully conveyorized ovens are available and can easily be integrated with other Deimco product lines.

Sander for Siding

Sanders and Wipers

Deimco's Sanders and Wipers quickly adjust to match any profile, and prepare or beautify the coating surface. These systems are ideal for surface prep, grain removal, increased coating penetration, or removal of excess coating. Vertical and horizontal, and inline or standalone configurations are available for each customers' process. Varying levels of automation are available to automatically adjust the machine between different profiles.

Fluid Delivery Solutions

Fluid Handling Equipment

Deimco's Fluid Handling Equipment is designed specifically with each application in mind to enable customers to consistently produce superior results in their finishing operation. Manual and automated circulating and supply systems, paint kitchens, and fluid dispensing systems are available. Deimco represents the best brands (Sames Kremlin, Graco, CA Technologies, etc.) in pumps and guns designed for industrial coatings applications.

No matter the product, we are sure we can achieve the look, feel, and quality finish or process you desire. Contact us today to discuss what Deimco Finishing Equipment can do for you!

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