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Deimco Hosts Expansion Tour

Tama, Iowa - January 15, 2015

Results of a 10,800 sq. ft. expansion to the Deimco Finishing Equipment manufacturing plant in Tama were showcased in an open house and tours of the facility led by Kirk and Cindy Shirar on Friday, Jan. 15. Kirk is president and Cindy is financial officer of Shi R2 Solutions, Inc., the owner of the operations here.

Researched, designed and built in Tama is equipment used by other manufacturers in making their products.

“From window profiles, to bowling pins, to heavy implements, to silicone breast implants, if a coating can be sprayed or dispensed, we have the audacity to believe we can automate the process.” is how Kirk Shirar explained what the company does. Kirk also mentioned the companies recent expansion into material handling and automation solutions.

During the Friday tours, guests were able to see a demonstration of the finishing equipment and observe a huge, “plant-wide” piece of equipment being tested and which was to soon be readied for shipment.

The addition of a 10,800 sq. ft. warehouse upon which construction began in 2014 has allowed for the type of large machines to be built from the ground up as one-piece. Prior to that Deimco built the machinery in component stages.

Deimco employs 20 in the Tama operations and serves a world-wide market.

Kirk Shirar said it is typical for customers to come to the Tama plant for training on equipment custom-built for them Deimco employees do sometimes travel to customer locations to provide set up and operational training, as well.

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