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Overhead Cell

Deimco's Overhead Cell offers the highest finishing volumes in the smallest footprint for a myriad of hangable products. Interior and exterior doors, cabinet faces, cylinders and tanks, and more can be hung, coated, and cured using a Deimco overhead finishing system. Custom manual and automatic configurations are available to meet even the most complex and demanding applications.

Deimco's overhead finishing systems are adaptive and compact, and capable of achieving the highest quality product finishes. An overhead chain conveyor carries products through a part identification or detection system and into the spray booth where individual outputs trigger the spray guns sequentially and all applicable areas of the products are coated. Alternatively, manual operator(s) may apply the coatings with pre-plumbed manual fluid delivery equipment. A fan exhausts the air after passing through two sets of dry filter media.

Each system is sized and designed according to the customer's products and production needs. The overhead finishing system is available for water or solvent-based coatings, as well as, single, plural component or UV coatings. As needed, vertical sanding systems, automated gun movers, and cure ovens can be included to achieve the customer's desired look and feel.

No matter the product, we are sure we can achieve the look, feel, and quality finish or process you desire. Contact us today to discuss what Deimco Finishing Equipment can do for you!

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