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Product Flippers

Automatic Part Flippers

Deimco's Automatic Flippers are used to detect and flip products inline with the production system. Whether you require dedicated fine coatings coverage on the product top and bottom, or need to inspect either surface for deformities, Deimco's part flippers can automate previously tedious or unsafe flipping operations. Each automatic flipper is designed specifically for the unique customers product and process. Automatic part flippers can be easily integrated with lineal flatlines (siding, trim, flooring, etc.), reciprocating flatlines (doors, interior and exterior sheet goods, etc.), or operated as standalone systems.

Operator Assisted Flippers

Deimco's Operator Assisted Part Flippers are used to reduce operator ware or injury by lifting, flipping and gently returning the product topside down. An operator triggers a foot activated switch to initiate the flip cycle and gently guides the part from one flipper paddle to the other, or simply allows the product to pass through the flipper without flipping. Each part and panel flipper is designed specifically for the unique customers product (sizes and weights) and upstream and downstream processes. Deimco's operator assisted flippers can be used in tandem with production systems or as independent flipping systems.

Deimco's Part and Panel Flippers are used to orient products and reduce or eliminate previously tedious operator tasks. Fully automated and hybrid operator input systems are available and designed specifically for the customer's unique application to ensure maximum safety, uptime and reliability. Fully automated and hybrid operator input product flippers are available for integration into Deimco's other finishing and material handling equipment offerings or as standalone part and panel flipping systems.

No matter the product, we are sure we can achieve the look, feel, and quality finish or process you desire. Contact us today to discuss what Deimco Finishing Equipment can do for you!

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