Powder Lineal Flatline

Deimco's Powder Coating Lineal Flatline is a Horizontal Powder Coating Machine used to convey, coat, and cure lineal products. These finishing systems work best when finishing long and narrow parts like: extrusions, small panels, etc. The Horizontal Powder Coating Machine is the most efficient way to finish lineal parts. 


Each Deimco Powder Coating Lineal Flatline is designed around the customer's needs. Some Horizontal Powder Coating Machines incorporate Powder Hoppers, Rotary Sieves, Fire Detection, and Deimco's Combination Cure Ovens. Others start with the Powder Coating Booth and add additional automation as their needs grow. Deimco is proud to design systems that grow with our customers, allowing them to purchase equipment they need today without sacrificing it down the line. 

Each Horizontal Powder Coating System delivers a consistent, repeatable, quality finish. The easy to use Automation Controls mean operation can be as simple as loading and unloading. The high capacity Powder Coating Lineal Flatline can handle all your extrusion coating requirements. Deimco also offers a wide array of Powder Coating Equipment for products not suited for Lineal Flatlines.

Deimco is a proud provider of solutions. From fully automated Horizontal Powder Coating Systems to batch spray finishing equipment operations, Deimco designs everything with the final customer in mind. If you have a product you need to convey, coat, prep, or cure, we'd love to hear more about it. Give us a call to discuss what Deimco can do for you!

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