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Founded in 1983, Deimco has made it its goal to provide it's customers with high - quality, American - Made finishing systems to fit their exact needs.  Whether it is a liquid manual paint booth or an automated factory-wide conveyor system, Deimco's automated systems are the cornerstone of your successful manufacturing process.   We strive to honor our commitment to provide you with the best product possible.  



Deimco was founded in 1983, and began by producing small paint booths and pneumatic gun movers.  

Old Building-01.png
Overhead System


In 2003 we began to focus more on large scale production.  The first product to emerge from this was our DVLE Reciprocator which allowed for much higher volume to be painted. 


In 2004, we began the production of our first turnkey flatline system.  This allowed for much greater quantities of product, automatically and autonomously.  

Powder Gun


2006 was when Deimco first began using overhead systems, which allowed larger products such as doors and paneling to be hung, which is more optimal. 


In 2018, this was our first implantation of a product flipper, which can accurately and precisely flip and move objects where we would like them to go on the conveyor.  


Early in 20202 we began working with robotics to take our automation to the next level.  These were integrated to alleviate the repetitive tasks on the line. 


We are continuously honing and refining our proccess to ensure our systems operate at thier full potential, giving you piece of mind that your Deimco system is there for the long haul. 

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