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Reciprocating Gun Movers

Deimco proudly offers application-specific Automatic Gun Movers to our customers. These versatile systems are specifically designed around each customer's needs, and are designed to automate the coatings application process for a variety of liquid and powder coated products. Deimco's automatic gun movers can be integrated with other Deimco finishing equipment offerings or used as standalone systems.

Radial Oscillating
Gun Movers

Deimco's Radial-Y Powder Gun Oscillators, pivot powder spray guns continually in up to 30° arcs while the product moves past the gun tips. The Radial-Y gun mover improves film build consistency, increases finish window by 100% over fixed gun mounted systems and directs spray into shadow and cage areas on complex parts.  The automated powder gun movers are available for integration with other Deimco finishing equipment offerings or as standalone systems.

Servo Gun Positioner

Deimco's Auto Position Servo Gun Movers are available in fully integrated recipe-driven systems. These servo-driven gun movers are available for liquid and powder spray operations in single or multiple-axis configurations and require almost zero time for changeovers between products. Pre-wired UL/CUL listed electrical controls are standard and allow customers to efficiently coat their products from the very first day on.

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