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Automation Solutions

Deimco proudly offers application-specific Automation Solutions and Material Handling Equipment to our customers. These versatile systems are specifically designed around each customer's needs, and are designed to automate labor intensive or repeatable processes including: sorting and conveyance, automatic coating application, loading and unloading, packaging and palletizing, etc. Deimco's automation and material handling offerings can be integrated with existing Deimco powder and liquid finishing systems.


As an equipment designer and manufacturer, we distinguish ourselves by developing custom solutions to meet the needs of each process. Every facet of the project is handled in-house (mechanical and electrical engineering, manufacturing, programming, testing, re-assembly and startup, tech support) by our experienced team. Our systems contain the newest technologies, are fully pre-assembled and test operated, and are built to last, with many systems seeing serviceable lifetimes of 20+ years.

You provide unique products to your customers, so why settle for a cookie-cutter automation solution? Give us a call. We're focused on giving our customers the custom solutions they really need . . . from the beginning to the "finish".

Wonderware HMI

Automation Controls

Deimco's Automation Controls feature pre-wired UL listed electrical controls that are standard through all of our product lines. These control systems allow customers to easily interact with their finishing and material handling equipment. As a UL listed panel build shop, customers can be certain their systems are safe, organized and built to last. Deimco also offers remote login capabilities to assist in diagnosing, updating, and reprogramming of our equipment offerings.

Horizontal Reciprocating Gun Mover.JPG

Automatic Gun Movers

Deimco's Automatic Gun Movers offerings include: servo-positioned gun movers, Radial-Y powder gun oscillators, and reciprocators (horizontal and vertical). These systems are used to automate the powder or liquid spray coating process for a variety of products. These systems are available for integration with Deimco's varied powder and liquid coating equipment offerings, or as standalone automated solutions.

Palletizer System.JPG

Material Handling

Deimco's Material Handling Equipment is used to eliminate physically arduous or repetitive processes, and increase productivity. These systems include: part detection and sorting, loading and unloading, palletizing and packaging, product flippers, vacuum lifts, lift tables, and custom part fixturing. Each system is designed specifically for the customer's application to ensure maximum uptime and reliability.

Pick and Place Robot.JPG

Robotic Integration

Deimco's Robotic Integration capabilities are designed to work in tandem with our other equipment and automation offerings. Robotic liquid and powder coating, system loading and unloading, and pick and place solutions can easily replace labor intensive and repetitive operator tasks.

No matter the product, we are sure we can achieve the look, feel, and quality finish or process you desire. Contact us today to discuss what Deimco Finishing Equipment can do for you!

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