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Deimco's cost-effective cross draft airflow style (air flows horizontally through the booth, flowing over the product and into a filter bank in the booth wall) spray booths offer reliable performance at an affordable price point. Crossdraft booths are easy to integrate into existing facilities as no pits are required. The custom-configured spray booths are available in open-face and bench-style configurations, where unfiltered air enters at the front of the booth. Deimco's spray booths are also available in fully enclosed configurations where air enters through filtered product doors.

Dry filter spray booths from Deimco ensure a safe, economic solution for coating products. Our custom spray booths are offered in a wide variety of sizes and options to meet each customer's unique coating needs. Advanced paint booth technology and decades of experience are integrated into the design of every Deimco finishing system. Complete your projects more efficiently in a high-quality, UL/CUL-listed Deimco wet spray booth.

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Wet SPray Booth Plenum.webp
Spary Booth for Painting.webp
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