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Fluidizing Powder Hopper

Deimco's Stainless Steel Fluidizing Powder Hoppers are available in 50 lbs, 100 lbs, and 200 lbs standard sizes. Larger custom sizes are also available upon request. Easy to use pre-plumbed pneumatic controls are standard. Deimco's powder hopper offerings can easily integrate with other powder finishing equipment solutions.

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Fire Detection Systems

Deimco integrates single and dual head fire detection systems into our automatic booth offerings. Automatic flame detection is required by NFPA whenever powder is automatically applied and operates as an emergency stop within the control circuit. Multi-spectrum detection ensures maximum range with minimum false and nuisance alarms.

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Rotary Sieve Powder Reclaim

Deimco's Rotary Sieve Powder Reclaim System is a complete powder reclaim, and reclassifying system. Pre-wired UL/CUL listed electrical controls, with an independent PLC, and easy to use controls are standard. Up to three receiver ports allow for inline virgin and reclaim material mixing. Deimco's rotary sieve powder reclaim can easily integrate with fluidizing powder hoppers, filter modules, and new or existing powder finishing equipment.

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Reclaim Filter Modules

Deimco's Powder Reclaim Filter Modules are a modular, expandable powder reclamation system. MD2700 to MD13000 reclaim capable powder booths feature interchangeable filter modules that can be dedicated as single color reclaim or multi-color spray to waste modules. Deimco's reclaim filter modules can be paired with new or existing powder finishing equipment. Reclaim sieves and dedicated powder hoppers are recommended as a paired offering with each reclaim filter module to maximize the customer's powder usage.

Powder Coating Equipment

Each powder coating system is designed for the customer's unique coating and application process. When customers purchase powder coating equipment, or a powder finishing system from Deimco, they can be certain they'll generate the highest return on their investment. The Deimco team will work to make sure each customer gets the right equipment for their needs, not just a single brands offerings. When automatic triggering and powder gun movers are selected, the system will be fully pre-wired, pre-plumbed, and test operated prior to shipment. Gun trigger locations are pre-set by our skilled engineering team to reduce overspray and wasted coatings. Ensuring the customer is up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible right out of the gate.

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