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Powder Coating Ovens

Deimco's Powder Coating Ovens are easily integrated with other Deimco product lines. They are also offered in batch configurations. Ovens are offered in gas, electric, infrared, and convection configurations. Deimco's ovens contain the latest technologies to quickly and consistently cure coatings. In addition to batch powder curing ovens, fully conveyorized ovens are available and can easily be integrated with other Deimco powder finishing systems.

Deimco's fast and efficient pre-heat, drying, and curing powder coating ovens are custom designed and engineered for each customer's products and powder coatings. Batch and continuous process ovens are available for efficient heat application for every process, and excellent heat distribution ensures shortened cycle times and increased productivity. Deimco's ovens can be integrated easily with existing powder finishing lines. Pre-wired UL/CUL listed electrical controls are standard and most powder coating ovens ship assembled.

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