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Loading and Unloading

Deimco's Automated Loading and Unloading systems are specifically designed for each customer's product, production rate, and downstream and upstream processes. Advanced pneumatic and electric control systems allow for easy and dynamic process control and tracking through the system. Deimco's automated loading and unloading system offerings can easily integrate with other liquid and powder finishing systems, and material handling equipment solutions.

Packaging and Palletizing

Deimco's Automated Packaging and Palletizing systems are used to prepare products and product bundles for shipment. Dynamic banding and wrapping solutions are available for each customer's unique process. Varied stack patterns and package forms are quickly and efficiently identified and processed with the versatile control system. Deimco's packaging and palletizing system offerings can easily integrate with other Deimco equipment solutions.

Conveyors or Sorting

Deimco's Custom Conveyance and Sorting systems are used to move products efficiently through the customer's production systems. Inline profilers can be integrated to automatically detect and sort products outside of preset product specific tolerances. An array of custom conveyance medias, conveyor sizes (length, width, capacity), orientations and speeds are available. Deimco's conveyor and sorting systems can be easily integrated with other Deimco equipment solutions or operated as standalone units.

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Wide Heavy Duty Roller.webp

Vacuum Lift Systems

Each Deimco vacuum lift system is designed with the customer's unique process in mind, ensuring consistent and safe operation for years to come. Fully automated and hybrid operator input vacuum lifts are available in a wide array of custom sizes (length, width, stroke) and capacities depending upon the system requirements. Vacuum lifts are often used in Deimco's automated loading and unloading systems, as well as other material handling offerings.

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Customer Paint Fixture.webp

Part & Panel Flipper

Deimco's Part and Panel Flippers are used to orient products and reduce or eliminate previously tedious operator tasks. Fully automated and hybrid operator input systems are available. Each flipper is designed specifically for the customer's unique application to ensure maximum safety, uptime and reliability. Fully automated and hybrid operator input product flippers are available for integration into Deimco's other equipment offerings or as standalone flipping systems.

Custom Part Fixtures

Deimco's custom part fixtures are designed to maximize the efficiency of the loading and unloading process, orient the products correctly for spray operations, and mask the proper portions of the part as necessary. From conveyorized to batch finishing systems, each operation starts with proper set up. Good part fixtures can reduce or eliminate the time consuming prep and set up time, and maximize the customer's finishing capacity. Deimco's custom part fixtures can be paired with new and existing powder and liquid finishing systems to optimize each operation from product load to unload.

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