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Powder Chain on Edge

Deimco's Powder Coating Chain on Edge Cell is a versatile system used to powder coat and finish a wide range of metal products. Tweezers, grenade handles, medical probes, oil filters, and thermal mugs are just a few of the products that can be easily finished with a Deimco chain on edge. These flexible, tightly packed systems can keep pace with even the highest production rates. With the ability to coat the product interior or exterior, the powder coating chain on edge is easily customized for any product.

Deimco's chain on edge powder finishing systems are used to coat and cure a myriad of products. A chain conveyor carries products through a part identification or detection system and into the powder booth where individual outputs trigger the powder coating guns sequentially and all applicable areas of the products are coated. Overspray is collected in a reclaim capable filter module and a fan recycles the collector air after passing through up to three sets of dry filter media. No stack is required for Deimco's proprietary whisper quiet powder coating booths.

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Powder Chain on Edge.webp
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