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Powder Reciprocating Flatline

Deimco's Powder Reciprocating Flatline is used to quickly and easily finish metal products of varying widths and lengths. In addition to products like trailer panels and brake shoes, the powder flatline finishing system can be used to for products like sheet goods or fastener heads. A horizontal reciprocator strokes the automatic guns across the conveyor to evenly coat products. Additional handling and curing solutions are available for integration with the reciprocating flatline.

Deimco's powder reciprocating flatline is an industrial powder coating system used to automate the finishing of sheet like or heavy parts (panels, fastener head trays, brake shoes, etc.). Parts are conveyed through a light curtain prior to entering the reciprocating flatline powder booth. The light curtain creates a unique two-dimensional map of each part prior to entering the powder coating booth.  This allows the PLC and upline gun control system to precisely track the position of the parts on the conveyor. The reciprocator carries the powder guns back and forth across the sheets as the conveyor moves them forward.  The powder guns trigger on and off at each edge of the sheet to reduce overspray and improve transfer efficiency. 

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