October 23, 2014  
Deimco Finishing Equipment Application Specific Engineered Solutions
Deimco Finishing Equipment

About Deimco

Deimco, a US manufacturer and leader in technology, has provided custom powder coating equipment and systems since 1983. We provide a full line of powder coating booths, powder guns, oscillators, reciprocators, and accessories. Deimco also manufactures a wide array of IR ovens, convection ovens, combination ovens (replacing catalytic ovens), and UV ovens.

Deimco engineers complete liquid and wood finishing systems. Deimco designs and builds customized turnkey lineal and flat line systems, moulding finishing equipment, conveyorized overhead lines, automatic spray equipment, pneumatic or electric reciprocators, cross transfer conveyor systems, and ovens.

Call and let us be your first-choice supplier.

Wood Finishing
Deimco has become the pioneer in state-of-the art lineal and flatline finishing systems made here in the US for the wood industry.
Powder Finishing
Relying on over 20 years of experience, Deimco is the leader in providing affordable, custom, application specific powder coating systems.
Liquid and Specialty Finishing
Deimco is a staple designer and manufacturer of tailored engineering systems in the liquid finishing market.
Success Stories
Inline Automatic Powder Reclaim System
Digger Specialties, has been in the fence, deck and railing systems business for more than 18 years. They are a dynam...
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